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prepare to be wasted !

6 December
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thrashcore, circle pits, bandanas, flannels, skateboard decks, 80's hc punk, speed/thrash metal, b-movies, zombie movies, good sketch comedy (mr. show/ucb/state), oldskool grindcore, old death metal
making fun of people, record collecting and thrashin'

screamo,emo,pop punk,new hardcore,melodic hardcore,tough guy shit,metalcore,nu metal,any metal without thrash or speed in it's title, wuss rock,most indie rock,synth pop,scenester music, the trend of crust bands becoming more melodic, thrash bands that only listen to like charles bronson, snyths in music period
teen movies and crappy movies, scenesters,trendy people, cool people, the terms "scene points" and "dancey", track jackets,guys in girl's jeans,emo glasses, rock stars, clubbers, celebrities, movie stars, models, pretty people, rich people, snobs, and so much more hatred to go around
you/your mom/your dad/everything you like/your favorite bands